We love kids at SBCC!

We believe it is a privilege to care for and nurture the children who are part of our church community and we always welcome more!  We have a team of dedicated people who work to assess what we are doing now, implement new initiatives and diligently work toward anticipating how we can minister to our kids in new and fresh ways!

During this time of Covid, we are not able to offer a children’s ministry or nursery during the Worship Service.  Our children’s rooms are on the lower level of our building and are available for parents to go and give their kids a break during the service.  It is our hope that in the spring of 2021, we will be able to offer a safe option for parents and their children.  Stay tuned!

In case you are wondering, all of our children’s rooms volunteers undergo an application and background check process, are trained in our safety and security policies and are people who LOVE children!

As our church continues to grow, our offerings to all of our members and attenders will expand, including the little ones!