We love kids at SBCC!

It is a privilege to care for and nurture the children who are part of our church community and we always welcome more!  We have a team of dedicated people who work to assess what we are doing now, implement new initiatives and diligently work toward anticipating how we can minister to our kids in new and fresh ways!


We are pleased that we have our nursery available during the Worship Service!  Infants – 3 year old’s are welcome in this ministry.  Our children’s rooms are in the lower level of our building so if you need a safe and loving place for your young child(ren) during the service, we would love to have them!

In case you are wondering, all of our children’s rooms volunteers undergo an application and background check process, are trained in our safety and security policies and are people who LOVE kids!


Our Children’s Church class is open to all of our 4–7-year-old kids! It is a fun, interactive class taught by experienced and enthusiastic teachers.  If you have a child in this age range, they will worship with you and the other members of the congregation at the beginning of the service and then be dismissed just before the pastor’s sermon.

What is our focus in this class?  We are intentional about the systematic teaching of who God is, how He reveals Himself to us, who Jesus is and how God’s plan to rescue us from sin and death is the BEST news we can ever know and embrace!  Kids in this class act as truth detectives and look and learn the truths which answer the BIG QUESTION asked in each unit.  And the discovery of each truth is always a fun and exciting process!