One directive given to the church is to help their members continue to grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord (Col. 1:28; Eph. 4:12-13).  We have multiple avenues of discipleship where we seek to help our members grow and mature in their faith.

These include one-on-one discipleship (going through certain books of the Bible or other Christian literature), small groups, discipleship classes that focus on a certain topic or issue, and other avenues as the leadership sees fit.

We also seek to help our members grow by pointing them to helpful and trusted resources outside the church.  Listed below are trusted websites, blogs, and books that we readily recommend.



Many of these are offered at our Resource Table.

    • The Reason for God (Timothy Keller) – Apologetics
    • A Long Obedience in the Same Direction (Eugene Peterson) – Discipleship
    • Discipling (Mark Dever) – Discipleship
    • Evangelism (Mack Stiles) – Evangelism
    • What is the Gospel? (Greg Gilbert) – Evangelism
    • Church Membership (Jonathan Leeman) – The Church
    • The Gospel Comes with a House Key (Rosaria Butterfield) – Hospitality
    • Systematic Theology (Wayne Grudem) – Theology
    • Christian Ethics (Wayne Grudem)  – Ethics
    • Dig Deeper (Nigel Beynon & Andrew Sach) – Bible Reading
    • Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God (J.I. Packer) – Evangelism
    • Parenting (Paul Tripp) – Parenting
    • The Meaning of Marriage (Timothy Keller with Kathy Keller) – Marriage
    • Conversion (Michael Lawrence) – Theology