Hello Saco Bay Community Church! 

I want to introduce to you an avenue of discipleship in our church, The Saco Bay Blog. This is a blog where we will periodically address certain issues related to theology, ethics, and culture from a Biblical worldview. Now, I know what some of you are thinking–aren’t there enough blogs out there on the internet? Do we need another one? While it is true that the internet is certainly flooded with blogs relating to almost any topic or stage of life one can think of, this blog is specifically geared toward the members of Saco Bay Community Church. The elders are not looking to reach a wide audience with this blog, but see it as another avenue through which we can engage our members with biblical thinking and help us to see all of life through a Christian lens. 

Another aspect to note about this blog is that you will see different voices in our church contributing. The pastors (elders–it’s all the same ?) will not be the only ones writing blogs, and that includes myself. While I may write more than most due to my time and availability, the goal is to have multiple contributors speak on different issues. This is not intended to be an avenue for me or anyone else to gain a platform, but as a way to engage the church body and the diverse voices within it, while also giving visitors who check out our website an idea of who we are.

Maybe some of you reading this are wondering–how is a blog an avenue of discipleship? The way I would answer this is that whether the issue concerns an area of doctrine, ethics, or looking at a specific cultural/societal issue, we will do so in a way that is thoroughly Christian and shapes us as followers of Jesus. We want to not only know more about God, but also how to believe, think, and act in His world as His redeemed people who are being shaped by His Word. There will be some topics where not everyone who reads it will be in 100% agreement with what is written, but we hope it will lead all of us to pray, ponder, and consider deeply what is said, even if it challenges our current ways of thinking. 

We want to not only know more about God, but also how to believe, think, and act in His world…

In conclusion, we hope that this will be something that you engage in as a member of Saco Bay Community Church, and that you find it helpful to your soul. I hope that it will help you grow in love for Jesus Christ and His Gospel, and I pray that it will help our church as we seek to Know Christ and Make Him Known.

For His glory alone,
Pastor Logan